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Here’s a sample of the kind of design Yellow Pony can help with. If you have something else in mind that you think we might be able to help you with, get in touch!

Fun Machine inside closeup


  • Album/EP/Single Art
  • Album/EP/Single Layout (where you supply the cover art – I’m happy to collab with visual artists or source them for you)
  • Branding (logos + styleguides etc!)
  • Books
  • Magazine layout
  • Posters
  • Exhibition graphics + identity
  • Adverts (print + web)
  • Calendars


To make sure your project’s design is perfectly consistent, Yellow Pony can set you up with a nice, simple website which you can update easily. We use premium WordPress or Squarespace templates rather than creating sites from scratch because a) why re-invent the wheel? b) they’re easier for clients to update on their own if they want to. This website is made on a WordPress template, for example.



Yellow Pony can design props for TV and Theatre, depending on the scale of the project we can create solutions in our workshop or co-ordinate off-site fabricators if need be.

In our workshop we have produced props from:

-3D Printed ABS plastic









Wether it’s a major exhibition requiring everything from title walls to sub-story panels, or an opening that needs some nice simple ID labels, Yellow Pony has a lot of experience in working out the best methods to get the most out of your budget.



Merch that jumps in to the hands of your fans can really help pay the bills! Yellow Pony can help you come up with great merch concepts, or help you with your own ideas. So far we have created the following:






-Potion bottles




-Art Prints




Yellow Pony


Yellow Pony is a Sydney-based design service, working specifically with/for independent artists, musicians and small organisations. We primarily work on the graphics that creatives need – album art, posters, social media images, exhibition labels, merchandise.
Julia Johnson started Yellow Pony in 2014 when she realised she had more graphics ‘side projects’ than actual day job hours. Realising how much she loved helping her creative buddies get their projects looking amazing, she decided to quit the day job and just focus on designing for creatives. Yellow Pony has been Canberra based, Berlin based and is now based in the inner west of Sydney.


Yellow Pony is still primarily a one woman show, however nowadays there is a small collection of amazing designers that Julia collaborates with for larger projects.



I see design as a blend between a creative and commercial thing. The satisfying part for me is the problem-solving. That is to say, the part I like best about my job is collaborating with the artist to figure out what they will love, and what will set them apart from the pack. For me, a good design isn’t about me getting to show off my wild visual style, resulting in a look that says ‘Yellow Pony’. A good design doesn’t show a designer’s visual style. It serves the style of the project first and foremost. It must compliment (and communicate) the sound, look, or essence of the artist/musician/client/album/exhibition, not the designer’s ego.



Julia is a musician and designer. She has a BA (hons) in Industrial Design, majoring in Graphic Design.


In the Yellow Pony portfolio you will see signage, props, graphics, album art, websites, jewellry, you name it. She’s a fully qualified industrial designer and graphic designer, so sometimes the two disciplines can come in handy together!


After finishing uni as the Industrial Design Graduate of the Year, Julia signed an ill-fated record deal. Well, you only live once! After that she continued her music but began work as an exhibition designer, creating graphics that now sit in exhibitions all over Australia, including the National Museum of Australia, the National Arboretum, and the Australian War Memorial. All the while, she worked on graphics for bands and theatre groups, some of whom gained national airplay, including her own band, Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens.


“It’s hard to compete with the big-wigs when you’re doing things independently, but Yellow Pony is really passionate about making talented creatives looks as good as their professional level competition. As a self-managed musician myself, I feel like it’s a unique way I can contribute to the creative scene and make it stronger and (ahem) prettier.” – Julia


“Thanks for your brilliant work bringing The Lost Pockets to life. Your mix of mechanical wizardry and aesthetic design is pretty unique. I don’t know who else could have made these. And you’ve really got a knack for asking the right questions of a client. I just handed you a rough sketch on an envelope and a few adjectives. But after your clever questions and suggestions you somehow managed to create these amazing characters that look exactly like I was imagining. Actually no, they look way better than I’d imagined them! Still can’t really believe how cool they are. Oh and you managed to do it all within my fairly restrictive budget!” -Pablo Latona


The main hope in any artistic work is that it reflect what you’re trying to do. The Fun Machine album wasn’t an easy brief and the end work not only looks perfect, but completely matches the spirit of what we were trying to do. As with any design project, there were instructions and amendments and at all times we were completely comfortable that the project was in safe hands. I would recommend Yellow Pony to any artist. – Fun Machine


Yellow Pony’s posters, graphics and logos are unmatched in their freshness and creativity, and that is why I have used her skills for over 5 years. Yellow Pony is a pleasure to work with, always professional and being flexible to the needs of the band. Her artistic background as a musician gives her business a genuine creative edge, which comes through in her designs. For artists, I would recommend no other graphic designer. – Glitoris



The best way to get in touch with me in the first instance is by email - I'm very glued to my email, so I'll reply with lightning speed.

  • Address: Canberra, Australia
  • Email:

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